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SONIC HEROES Game Nintendo Gamecube

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Product Description

Battle your way through 14 exciting and challenging levels to fight the legendary Dr. Eggman in Sonic Heroes. This Nintendo GameCube release features four teams of three characters, including Team Sonic, Team Rose, Team Chaotix, and Team Dark. These are well-balanced teams with each boasting a range of characters that have distinct abilities necessary for advancing through the game. Teams Rose, Sonic, and Dark represent the easy, medium, and hard difficulties, respectively, while Team Chaotix has mission-based stages for you to play. This will keep you entertained for hours as you enjoy playing popular characters like Knuckles and Shadow the Hedgehog.The levels vary depending on the selected team, with a number of multiplayer modes for inter-team competition. Because it features RPG elements, it plays like no other Sonic video games on the Nintendo GameCube. Sega included all the character models from the original Sega Dreamcast Sonic games and then added a bunch of additional content for the GameCube platform.

Originally released in 2004, this game features a special control scheme optimized to work with the GameCube. Owners of the original Wii and a GameCube controller can also take advantage of this control scheme since this game is compatible. It also features plenty of new mini-games to enjoy.Since the ESRB rated this entry in the Sonic the Hedgehog series E for Everyone, the whole family enjoy the adventures. This title features new challenge modes that you can unlock after playing through the core game. It also has the famous Sonic casino, where you'll be able to try your hand at winning some extra rings for the Sonic Team.Nintendo updated Sonic Heroes to eliminate any glitches during gameplay. You'll run around the game screen as Sonic and his friends without anything holding you back. New multiplayer features mean your friends can choose to play alongside or against you in any of the mini-games. They can also help you through main parts of the game.The new RenderWare engine keeps these mini games moving smoothly. Even though this engine made it possible to port old content into the mini games, the developers didn't do this. Instead, most of the work was actually done from scratch. As a result, you won't see much rehashed content; although, some of the levels are designed to capture the feel of classic Genesis titles. Get ready for a jolt of nostalgia when you play Sonic Heroes.Games like this owe a lot to their sound design, and you'll find yourself rocking out to the soundtrack as you play. The game features intricately captivating music, all composed by world-renowned guitarist Jun Senoue. Electronic rock band Julien-K also contributed music to the eclectic soundtrack. If you add this title to your collection of games, you'll find yourself grooving and running at the same time. Those who loved the original Sonic game on Sega will love this updated release for the Nintendo GameCube. Whether you enjoy single- or multiplayer mode, you'll have hours of fun.

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