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ePawn LLC. is a pawn shop with a long history of buying and selling high quality items and providing collateral loans for top cash.

If you need cash fast, ePawn is determined to help. As one of the most experienced pawn-brokers in Great Toronto Area, we buy and sell quality items and offer immediate cash loans. As an option, in case if you want more money than we offered, you can live your goods with us for commission sale (consignment sale), we will sell your item for a price you want. Your goods will be displayed on the showcase in the store and on this website.

ePawn LLC. has earned the respect and trust of Richmond Hill customers over our decades of service as a fully licensed, bonded and insured pawnshop in Ontario York Region. Throughout our years of offering collateral loans as well as buying and selling jewelry and electronics, we gained membership to both the Ontario Pawnbroker Association and the National Pawnbroker Association.

We pride ourselves on providing the best experience for our customers. Rather than going to a payday or title loan company, contact us and Loan to pay half of what you would elsewhere. Furthermore, you can be confident that your credit will be safe no matter what. We take care of our customers and treat them with the utmost attention and respect.


What we buy: 


  • Gold: Any karat – For example: jewellery, coins, bars, watches and dental. 
  • Diamonds: Set or unset in all shapes, sizes, and grades
  • Jewellery: Fine jewellery – with or without diamonds and gemstones (In any condition,- used, new, broken...)
  • Watches: Gold and/or brand names such as: Rolex, Cartier, Patek Phillipe, Ulysse Nardin, Omega and others. We also buy some (not all) designers watches (Gucci, LV, Michakel Kors...)
  • Sterling Silver: Candlesticks, flatware, tea and coffee services, coins, and jewellery
  • Platinum: In any condition, jewelry, coins or dental.
  • Antiques & Memorabilia : Furniture, Statues, Figures, Swords, Knives etc, historical objects and signed papers...
  • Electronics such as:
  • Tablets, Laptops and Desktops from known brands.
  • Digital SLR cameras and lenses
  • Musical instruments (some exceptions apply, please check store for details)
  • Video Gaming consoles (released after 2014 or later)

What we do not buy:

  • Costume jewelry: Non presious metal jewelry, including swarovski jewelry
  • Compact Disks and DVDs: We do not buy CDs , DVD and Blu-Ray movies.
  • Replicas: We do not buy goods from unknown manufacturers. We also do not deal with replicas.
  • Furniture and appliances: The exception is antique furniture from 18 century or older.
  • Clothing: We do not buy shoues, jackets, costumes etc...
  • Sunglasses
  • Electronics: Laptops and PSs, Tablets, Televisions, Music players released before 2015


You can always call us with any questions at (416) 244-2476. Please note that we do not estimate goods over the phone, you must bring your goods over for proper on-spot free estimate. Walk-in with goods - Walk-out with cash.

Our store is located at:

ePawn LLC.

10097 Yonge Street, Unit 3
Richmond Hill, Ontario, L4C 1T7
Tel. 41-MAGIC GSM (416) 244-2476

We are open Monday to Saturday from 12:30 p.m. to 6:00 p.m.
Store is Closed on Sundays and National Holidays


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It’s safe to say anyone wants to get a good deal especially now in today’s economy. Everyone looks for ways to get something for less. Many people shop online and clip coupons but some never even thought of a pawnshop as a money-saving alternative. In fact, some don’t even realize what a pawnshop might carry.

Jewelry is typically around half what you’d pay at a retail store in the mall and the quality is just as good. Every piece of jewelry inventory is inspected and cleaned by Bob, our Master Jeweler. Alsou ensures that each piece is restored back to its original, top-notch quality. It all looks brand new again. Many times diamonds are removed from old gold pieces that are either not in style anymore or lack the integrity that we require for resale. These diamonds are then set into brand new mountings that we purchased from a wholesale vendor.

Remember, pawn shops have an enormous turnover ratio allowing for quick sales and low prices. We have the ability to make deals…something a larger retailer cannot. Our profit margins can remain slim as long as the turnover remains high. It’s a win for us and a win for the customer.

What kind of jewelry do you sell in your pawnshop?
We offer a wide range of out – of – pawn jewelry that we have cleaned, polished or repaired and new jewelry that we have purchased from jewelry shows and wholesale jewelry dealers. We also custom make jewelry.

What else can I buy at a pawn shop?
You can find just about anything of value at bargain prices! This includes, but is not limited to: computers, jewelry, watches, games, guitars amps and musical instruments, rare coins, electronics, home accessories, sports and hunting equipment, swords, knives, TVs, lawn and garden supplies and construction equipment.

If you have watched the Pawn Stars show, then you have an idea how the pawn shop works and what do we accept.

What methods of payment do you accept?

For sales of merchandise, we accept cash, Interac (Debit), VISA and MasterCard.